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Don’t just interpret Tarot. Live it!

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A fool is one who has set out on a quest to understand who they are.

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They are following the trail of synchronicities to the answers that have meaning to them. The journey of any Fool is a journey to one’s perfect self, and each will be different than the journey of all others because we all start from different points with a different set of understandings and knowings about who we are and what we seek. — Jim Larsen

Are you walking The Fool’s Path?

This site is dedicated to tarot insights and enlightened thoughts. Here, you will find information on the books of Jim Larsen, his thoughts and ideas about Tarot, and a look at his Tarot Deck- The Fool’s Path Tarot.

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Above and beyond fortune telling, tarot is for communication
with the divine and with your higher self. More than that though,
it is a means to communicate with your inner self. You can ask
the divine and your higher self “What is important to know?”
And through tarot, an answer will come. You can ask yourself,
“What is really going on with me right now?” And through tarot,
an answer will come. You can ask, “What is the true content of
my heart?” Tarot will guide you to an answer. You can ask, “What
direction should I be headed right now?” Tarot will act as a compass pointing you in the right direction. To treat tarot as simple
“fortune telling” is to severely limit its true power.

Tarot will help you understand how we all- each and every one of
us live the archetypes of the universe. It will illuminate how we
everyday tap into the energy and the power of these archetypes.
Tarot is a blueprint of our soul and a map of our spiritual journey, not merely cards to be read or pictures to be looked at.

Jim Larsen, from What’s Tarot Got To Do With It: The Fool’s Path To Enlightenment


Knowings from The Silence: Simple Wisdom for an Enlightened Life

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Books and Oracle Deck

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Tarot for an Enlightened Life by Jim Larsen

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